The benefits of a fume extraction system for laser cutting


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The health and safety of everybody in the workplace has never been more important, particularly across the manufacturing and engineering sectors where machinery can pose a range of safety challenges. This does not mean simply being aware of existing risks but being prepared to encounter new and unexpected ones too. For example, as laser cutting has become more prevalent over recent years so too has the associated risk of fumes become an issue in areas where cutting takes place.


The below guide to fume extraction systems for laser cutting outlines the benefits of efficient extraction where laser cutting operations are happening and how this can be implemented to comply with health and safety regulations in the workplace.


Health and safety


Laser cutting can produce harmful fumes, especially when cutting certain types of materials. Even natural materials such as wood and paper can produce harmful byproducts when cut, all which need to be removed safely from workspaces. Not only does fume extraction protect workers from dangerous substances and particles, but it also helps to meet safety compliance standards. Lasers must never be used in areas where adequate fume removal systems are not in place.


Improved air quality


An effective fume extraction system will help to keep workspaces clean, reduce odours, and remove smoke and dust. This will improve the air quality, not just in the immediate vicinity but also throughout the manufacturing unit. It will also result in the need for less cleaning and waste disposal.


Enhanced laser performance


Laser cutters are renowned for their accuracy and versatility, but these are fine-tuned machines and need to be maintained in optimal condition. An extraction system will help to maintain optical clarity of the cutting machine and ensure consistent cutting results. It can also help to extend equipment lifespan and provide a better ROI on your equipment expenditure.


Environmental benefits


Of course, it’s not just the immediate environment that is a concern. All machinery and industrial equipment must be designed to control emissions and help meet environmental regulations. Keeping our emissions footprint down is both a social and legal responsibility not to be taken lightly.


Productivity and cost savings


A cleaner and safer working environment will also be felt on the bottom line. Fume extraction systems will have an impact on profitability by reducing downtime and maintenance costs. It can also help to reduce energy consumption at a time when bills are increasing dramatically.


Employee comfort


Laser fume extraction systems provide cleaner air and indicate a regard for safety which can be factors that help to create a more comfortable and positive working environment, potentially improving job satisfaction, reducing churn and boosting profitability.


To find a system that meets your needs, browse our fume extraction machines including BOFA laser fume extraction systems or get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

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