Laser cutters: How artists can master time management and boost productivity

Model-making is an industry that relies on a number of key factors. Perhaps the most important are precision and accuracy. Model makers are always judged, like most craftspeople, on the quality of their work. And producing high-quality models, whether that’s for architectural purposes, as props or for any other reason, takes time and skill. So, model makers are always looking for ways to help them manage their time and boost productivity. After all, the more models you can make the more revenue you can potentially generate from your craft. But it is also essential that this does not come at the cost of quality. Which is where laser cutters come into the frame.

Laser cutters enable model makers to streamline processes and work in a more time-efficient and cost-effective way. Let’s take a closer look at just how laser cutters can help improve efficiency and time management in architecture, model making and more. 

Time management factors 

With laser cutters, thousands of pieces of any shape can be cut to any size or scale in a matter of minutes. They are reliable and fast for rapid project turnarounds. Compared to hand cutting or other traditional cutting methods, this can save valuable time and allow for an increase in productivity that can lead to a boost in profit.

Less room for error

As laser cutting machines can cut through a range of materials with ease, as well as cutting complex shapes in precise detail, it can help to increase efficiency and boost productivity. But it can also help to cut in a more precise way, as fewer mistakes are made and less time is needed to recut or repair issues during the manufacturing process. 

Reduced waste 

Less material is wasted during the production of a laser cut architectural model as it generates less waste. This is due to the reliable software programming that instructs the laser where to etch and cut. This can help to improve margins and reduce expenditure, and means less time is spent dealing with off cuts and excess materials. 

Simplifying the design process

Complex designs can be made much simpler using laser cutters. These tools are capable of handling complex and intricate designs effortlessly, allowing artists, architects and other model makers to produce complex work in a less time and energy consuming way. It also allows them to work in batches, scaling up the production process and maximising both efficiency and productivity for consistency. 

Time management for architects, prop makers and other model makers is key to maximising the potential for profitability. A laser cutting machine for architectural models or prop makers can help to facilitate this, while maintaining an incredibly high standard of work and reducing waste. To find out more about how laser cutters can help boost productivity, and to discuss your needs and requirements, contact us at Hobarts to speak to a member of the team.

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Image source: Canva