How laser cutters for schools empower education and innovation


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The best schools are places where ideas and experimentation are encouraged and where impediments and obstacles to learning are removed as much as possible. In some of the humanities, arts and languages subjects little more is needed than a comfortable space in which to study, learn and share ideas. But for some of the sciences and more hands-on subjects, specialist equipment is needed in order to teach skills and fuel innovation.

In the engineering and manufacturing subjects, one such essential tool is a laser cutter. In recent years this has become the go-to cutting tool across the manufacturing and industrial space, not to mention industries such as fabrics and textiles, construction and more. Laser cutters for schools can represent a significant investment but the return on that can be significant, both in the short and long term. Here’s why:

Hands-on learning

DT laser cutters offer practical experience and the opportunity to enhance students’ understanding of complex concepts. What better way to learn new skills than by doing it in practice?


Students can see projects through from idea to process to finished product, fostering innovation and creativity along the way.

STEM education

STEM (or sometimes STEAM) is a combined teaching approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (sometimes incorporating the arts). Rather than teaching students to see these as different subjects, there is significant overlap which encourages wider thinking, opening up greater opportunities and possibilities. Laser cutting aligns with STEM fields, making it an engaging teaching tool.

Real-world skills

Operating laser cutters at an educational level teaches practical skills and provides a solid skills base that may prove to be invaluable in various industries, as well as being a powerful asset for future careers.


Learning the capabilities of a laser cutter promotes critical thinking and problem-solving, which can be another vital skill to carry forward into further education or the employment market.

Safety awareness

Safety is an essential part of learning any new skill, especially when machinery is involved. Laser cutter training emphasises safety in tech-driven environments and promotes strong safety discipline from the outset.

Laser cutters for schools have already proven to be a positive and successful investment in educational institutions up and down the country, as one of our existing clients, John Perkins of St. Anselm's Catholic School, Canterbury, can attest: “No other piece of equipment that I have acquired in over 39 years of teaching Design and Technology has had the same dramatic effect on our curriculum and the quality of our outcomes.

John adds: “It is incredibly reliable, accurate and robust and easily withstands constant daily use as it is so easy to teach from KS3 onwards. Older students can use it quite independently from staff involvement.

If you would like to learn more about the potential of laser cutter education or discover more about our available cutting machinery, contact us and our staff will be happy to provide more information.

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