Why high-tech laser cutters shine bright in jewellery manufacturing

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Jewellery making is all about the details. Crafting intricate and beautiful pieces from a wide range of materials requires skill and precision, not to mention the command of a number of different tools. One relatively new tool in the jewellery makers toolkit, however, is the laser cutter. Already widely used across a range of other industries, including aerospace, automotive and medical fields, it is now becoming a staple piece of equipment with both professional and amateur jewellery crafters.

One of the main reasons is the increasing affordability and smaller scale of laser cutters now available. Early models were large and prohibitively expensive but wider adoption and more advanced technology has broadened the scope for high-tech lasers to be used in a range of manufacturing sectors, including jewellery. But just why are laser cutting and engraving machines so useful in jewellery craft? Find out more below.


High-tech lasers provide unmatched precision for crafting jewellery, minimising material wastage and ensuring accuracy. Jewellery makers are often working with a tiny margin for error, making cuts to materials that measure just fractions of millimetres. Laser cutters can offer the levels of precision needed to realise even the most complex and intricate jewellery designs. And it can achieve this high level of accuracy across a range of materials, including wood, rubber, glass, leather, aluminium and a big selection of fabrics.


Laser technology allows for easy personalisation of jewellery, enhancing its uniqueness and allowing designers to realise their creations to a high degree and really stand out. Using a laser cutter allows designers to conceive of highly detailed shapes and engravings that would be impossible or exceedingly difficult using traditional cutting methods. Whether it’s monograms or intricate patterns, the laser cutter is capable of cutting to a very high degree of accuracy.


Jewellery making can be a slow process, largely owing to the levels of precision and detail required. However, increased automation through lasers reduces production time and costs in the manufacturing process, making it a more profitable option for many designers. Jewellery manufacturers can now up productivity and even make to scale, as well as being able to reproduce existing designs quickly and efficiently.

Minimal heat

Lasers produce minimal heat, which is ideal for protecting and preserving the more delicate materials, like precious metals and gemstones often used by jewellery makers. This is a major consideration when using other machine cutting methods, which can cause deformation or contamination of materials. With laser cutting, any heat that is produced is focused on a very small area, which reduces the risk of unwanted melting.


Laser technology is more environmentally friendly than some of the more traditional processes involved in jewellery making. It emits fewer harmful substances and creates less waste, aligning with a move towards more sustainable practices in manufacturing.


Laser cutters require minimal human intervention and are involved in significantly fewer injuries and accidents than traditional cutting equipment. When working on precision pieces and with durable materials this is especially good news.

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