The essential guide to laser machine maintenance


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In recent years, laser cutting has become a standard practice across a range of industries and educational facilities. As laser cutting technology has become more affordable, a more diverse range of institutions has been able to benefit from the increased speed, versatility and accuracy of this cutting methodology. However, even though laser cutting has become more affordable, a cutting machine still represents a significant investment and one that needs to be looked after through effective maintenance.


In addition, laser cutter maintenance can also help to ensure that machinery remains in the best possible condition. Maintenance is not difficult but can have a very big impact on the machine and its operation. Below you can find five very good reasons why looking after your laser cutter is so important.


Extended equipment life


For small businesses and educational institutions such as universities, colleges and schools, a laser cutter can represent a large but very worthwhile investment. However, this investment needs to be maximised as much as possible. Regular maintenance of the cutting machine will help to prevent wear and tear on critical components, like the belts, bearings and optics. Not only will this save the business or institution money on repairs, but laser cutting machine maintenance will also help to extend the machine's lifespan.


Improved cutting quality


Laser cutting is a highly accurate and effective cutting method across a diverse range of materials. However, like any cutting device, the right care and attention can help it to cut cleaner and more efficiently. Proper maintenance keeps the optics clean and calibrated, leading to precise, high-quality cutting and engraving results - time after time.


Enhanced safety


As with any high-powered cutting machine, safety is always of paramount importance. Routine maintenance can help to prevent hazards by cleaning and inspecting safety features such as interlocks and ventilation systems, ensuring a safer work or learning environment for all concerned.


Cost savings


For small businesses and educational institutions, funds can often be hard to come by, especially for equipment at the more expensive end of the spectrum. That’s why any expenditure needs to be monitored and backed up with care and attention to ensure longevity. Preventive maintenance of laser cutters and LEV testing services for extraction units are a very cost-effective way to protect investments, preventing major breakdowns and reducing energy consumption (which is especially useful in these times of spiralling energy costs).


Reduced downtime


When machines are in good working order and up and running, they can be incredibly productive. But breakages and repairs can be costly and interrupt planned work schedules, often with indeterminate end times. Scheduled maintenance can help to minimise unexpected breakdowns, ensuring consistent laser cutter availability and boosting productivity.


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